Winter brings colder temperatures, snowfall, and long, dark evenings – all of which can present hazards. Stay safe around campus with our tips and learn about some of the safety services we provide to our community.

Winter Travel Tips
In snowy or icy conditions, Facilities staff work hard to keep pathways clear and salted. Conditions can change rapidly, so it’s important to be aware of the environment in front of you. During inclement weather, choose the safest path between buildings and allow extra travel time. Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear appropriate winter clothing, including shoes with good grip.
  • Go slowly, use shorter steps, and don’t take shortcuts over uncleared or barricaded areas.
  • Walk undistracted: don’t text/email while you walk.
  • Avoid carrying large or heavy objects that affect your balance or obstruct your vision.
  • Be aware that you are less visible to motorists after the sun sets; wear bright clothing and use lights to be seen.

Langara Safe App
Go safely with the Langara Safe app. The app puts safety resources and emergency help at your fingertips and can also alert you in the event of an incident or closure on campus.

  • Contact campus security to get immediate help.
  • Request an on-campus SafeWalk or use the virtual Walk with a Friend service.
  • Report an incident on campus or make a request.

Download the Langara Safe app to have safety resources with you at all times. The Langara Safe app is available for download from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store.

Campus security offers SafeWalk services on our main campus 24/7. Request a SafeWalk in the Langara Safe App or by calling 604.562.1011, and a security officer will meet you and walk with you to another building, a bus stop, or a vehicle.

You can also use the Langara Safe app to access a virtual SafeWalk. Send your location to a friend and they can track you in-real time as you walk to your destination.