Q: When do I contact Safety & Security?

A: To report safety and security related incidents and emergencies including first aid, unsafe, threatening, aggressive, violent, and/or criminal behaviours, acts, conditions, occurrences, and accidents.


Q: How do I call the Campus Security?

A: There are several ways to contact the Campus Security in emergency and non-emergency situations. Please see our Contact page for details.

Q: What is the purpose for the blue towers and how many of them are on the campus?

A: The blue towers, called Emergency Assistance Towers, were installed in February 2013 to enhance Langara Public Address System (PAS) and emergency call devices on Langara campus. There are ten towers around the campus, each have powerful speakers used for public announcements in case of a major campus-wide emergency (i.e. fire, earthquake, violent intruder) and an emergency call button which can be used to call for help.


Q: Where can I learn about the College emergency procedures?

A: College emergency posters are located at or near most elevators. Hard copies of the Emergency Procedures manual are located in wall holders in almost every classroom and meeting room. Digital copy of the manual can be found under Emergency Procedures.


Q: Does the Campus Security provide safety escorts or any other safety related services for students and employees?

A: Yes it does, the services are called Safe Walk and Working Alone.


Q: Why should I keep my personal property securely locked or with me at all times?

A: Vast majority of crime on the College campus involves the theft of unattended or unsecured property. Most victims of theft cite that they left their belongings for ‘one minute’ unattended. They either left it visibly locked in their vehicle or asked a stranger to ‘watch their stuff’. These moments make for an easy opportunity for thieves to steal property. The solution is to securely lock your property (i.e. bicycle) or keep it under your watchful eye at all times (i.e. laptops, cellphones, bags and purses). When leaving belongings in your car, lock them in the trunk.


Q: What if my property is stolen or damaged?

A: Report the theft or damage as soon as possible to Safety & Security. A report to the police should also be made for criminal offences. It is important that we are informed of all thefts and damage as it may show a pattern of where these incidents are happening. Safety & Security can often assist the police in investigations.


Q: How can I request for a door to be unlocked, door access codes/cards and alarm codes?

A: Contact Campus Security by phoning 604.562.1011 for all requests, or visit the Campus Security office located at the exterior northwest corner of A Building, across from the Bookstore.


Q: How can I get door keys and lock changes?

A: Complete the Key Request Form and email it to the Facilities Department at facilities@langara.ca or drop it off at Facilities Reception (M1 Portable) during regular hours.


Q: Where can I get more information about Safety & Security including information about workplace safety, illness, injuries, policies etc..?

A: All information can be found on our wesite and through links provides to other College departments. if you have any concerns or questions related to Safety & Security, contact security@langara.ca.