At Langara College, we strive to maintain safe environment for students, employees and visitors. We also encourage everyone to look after their own personal safety by providing these helpful tips and links. Please make yourself familiar with them and stay alert.

Personal Safety

In a life threatening situation call 911 (9-911 from a campus phone). See our Contact page for more emergency and non-emergency phone numbers.

  • Be familiar with the locations of nearby YELLOW emergency call stations, Emergency Assistance Towers across Langara campus and pay phones which can all be used to call Campus Security in case of an emergency
  • Make use of the Working Alone service. Notify security if you are working or studying alone after hours or while the premises are largely empty
  • If you are out walking after dark, take well-lit routes. Walk in groups of three or more or make use of the Safe Walk service for after-hour escorts 
  • Never allow unauthorized personnel to enter a locked building when entering or exiting
  • Please visit the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) website for additional Personal Safety tips.

Office and Elevator Safety

  • Do not walk away leaving your office door unlocked. It can take a thief 10 seconds or less to steal your property
  • Do not leave messages on your door stating your time of return
  • Do not put address on your key ring, leave keys in hiding places, unattended or with unauthorized personnel
  • Do not let a stranger into your office for any reason. If they need to phone for an assistance or emergency, offer to do it for them
  • If you encounter a stranger in your office, project calmness and confidence. Challenge a person only when you can do so safely and never alone. Call campus Security at a local 4444 immediately
  • Keep office doors locked when working alone or after hours. Remain vigilant when leaving the office/building. Use Safe Walk service as needed
  • Look inside an elevator before entering. Do not enter if a person inside makes you feel uncomfortable. If a suspicious person enters exit before the door closes
  • When in the elevator, stand beside the control panel where most College elevator emergency call buttons are located

International Student Safety

Langara College is a destination to many international students. As we strive to provide a safe learning environment on the campus, we also encourage international students to get familiar with International Students Safety tips located on the VPD website to ensure off-campus safety.

Crime Prevention

Please visit the VPD Crime Prevention & Safety for Individuals website for a variety of crime precautionary tips.