The Langara bicycle patrol unit raise the level of security service to the College campus in an environmentally friendly manner. Bicycle patrols increase the range of security as they are able to effectively cover more campus ground than security officers could by travelling on foot. The bicycle patrol program makes the Campus Security more visible in the community which subsequently helps to reduce potential crime.

There are up to three bicycle patrol officers on duty between 7am to midnight each day. They are are helpful in providing directions to students and visitors and answering questions in regards to Langara College. Officers patrol their designated areas with the objective to cover the entire Langara campus from the east to the west parking lot. Also, bicycle officers frequently patrol the underground parkade to prevent vehicle break-ins and theft.

In case of an emergency, the bicycle patrol unit is able to contact the emergency dispatcher, arrange to meet police, fire, and ambulance responders at a predetermined landmark, and guide them directly to the scene of the emergency. This practice reduces the response time by several minutes.