Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts

For life-threatening situations, call 911 (dial 9, then 9-1-1 from a campus phone):

  • Ensure the accident scene is safe – minimize further danger to injured person or self.
  • Do not move injured person unless there is a high risk of further injury.
  • Keep calm and do not leave patient unattended.

When calling 911, state:

  • WHO - Your name and details of those involved (i.e. name, gender, their state of consciousness)
  • WHAT - The type of emergency (i.e. medical, criminal, accident, fire) and specific details if known
  • WHERE - The exact address, name of the building, room number and a nearest entrance
  • WHEN - Approximate time of emergency if exact time unknown
  • WHY - The cause of the emergency if known

For an emergency on the Langara campus, contact Campus Security by:

  • Calling local 4444 (from any internal phone) or 604.562.1011
  • Using any YELLOW emergency call station located at various places inside of A, B, C, G and L Building
  • Pressing the RED button marked SECURITY on any pay phone
  • Using any Emergency Assistance Tower located at various places of the campus exterior
  • Visiting the Campus Security Office

In a non-emergency situation or for any general security concerns:

  • Call local 5270 (from any internal phone) or 604.562.1011
  • Email Security Dispatch at security@langara.ca
yellow phone
tower security office