Portable Ladder Safety Tips
  • The Portable Ladder Safety Posters should be reviewed by everyone who uses the ladders for the first time or supervises the use of ladders at the college.
  • These Portable Ladder Safety Posters can be posted in non-public areas.
  • The Portable Ladder Alert Poster should be posted where ladders are stored on campus
  • Portable ladders should be inspected before use to ensure they meet the height requirements for their use, and the specific needs they are going to be used for
  • Ladders that are damaged, do not function as designed, have excessive wear, do not provide safe and stable support and/or have reached the end of their serviceable life should be removed from service and replaced.
  • Portable ladders purchased and used at the College should comply with the College Portable Ladder Requirement.
Portable Ladder Requirements
  • Portable ladders purchased for Langara College should be CSA Grade 1 and/or meet ANSI Type 1A or Type 1AA requirements, be rated to carry at least 250 lbs. and have slip resistant steps.
  • When there is a risk from an electrical hazard, the ladder used at that location must be non-conducive and constructed of fibreglass/composite materials.
Portable Ladder Safety Resources