Langara College takes all precautions and makes every effort to provide safe learning and working environment for its students, employees and visitors. However, loss of unattended items may occur. Please familiarize yourself with Campus Security contacts and services and take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your belongings.

Loss of Unattended Items

Laptops, cell phones, wallets, purses and backpacks loss may occur, particularly in the library and open labs. In almost all incidents the owner left their property for a few minutes to use a washroom or to get a coffee, frequently asking someone nearby to ‘watch their stuff’.

Here are some tips to prevent loss:

  • Do not leave your belongings unattended or in the care of a stranger, even for a few minutes
  • If you are falling asleep, collect your belongings in your bag use it as a pillow
  • Do not leave personal property on the chair or floor beside you where it can easily be taken
  • When you are studying, place your bag, phone, or other valuables in front of you or under your desk.  Do not leave personal property beside or behind you where someone can easily take it while you are focused on doing your work
  • If you see unattended computers, bags, or valuables, report it to the staff in the area or security
  • Report any property loss or suspicious persons to campus security right away
  • Purchase laptop location software and get a tracker app for your smartphone or tablet (available free for iPhone, Blackberry or Android phones)
  • Use a good quality bike lock and lock your bike in designated areas. Take detailed, high resolution photos of your bike including the serial number
  • Do not bring any valuables when coming to write an exam. You may be asked to leave your bags in an area of the exam room out of your line of sight
  • Consider using only encrypted or password enabled USBs to protect your data
  • Do not carry unnecessary documents/IDs and large amounts of cash in your wallet. Consider photocopying your documents/IDs and storing photocopies in a safe place