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Promotion Requirements

Students in the Faculty of Science are required to make steady progress toward graduation. The total number of credits, the number of science credits, and the specifications of the student's specialization (in second year and after) are all considered in the decision for promotion into second or third year. The decision is based on courses completed to the end of the Winter Session.

Promotion to Second Year

Promotion to second year requires successful completion of 24 or more credits, which must include 15 or more credits of first-year (100-level) Science courses. Allowable courses for the Science credit requirement are:

  • 3 credits of MATH 100 (or equivalent) and up to 6 more credits of computational science;
  • up to two courses from CHEM 121, 123, PHYS 101, 107, 108;
  • one BIOL or other acceptable Science course. N.B. MATH 110 contributes only 3 credits.

The minimum requirements for promotion to second year must be met within a maximum of 48 credits of coursework attempted (i.e., passed or failed) including advance and transfer credit.

Students admitted with transfer credit that puts them at risk of exceeding this limit must consult a Science Advisor on admission to the Faculty of Science.

Promotion to Third Year

Promotion to third year requires successful completion of 48 or more credits including:

An average of at least 60 per cent is required in three-fifths (3/5) of the credits (rounded up to the nearest whole course) for the specified courses within the student's specialization (not electives).

Students must meet the minimum requirements for promotion to third year in a B.Sc. specialization within a maximum of 78 credits of coursework attempted (i.e., passed or failed) including advance and transfer credit. Consult a Science Advisor if you have more queries with respect to promotion into UBC's Third Year Sciences.


Students should refer to UBC's Credit Exclusion List to ensure that their transferrable courses are not part of this list, as credit will only be awarded for one (not both) of the UBC equivalent courses listed.

Note: Math 1274 is not a prerequisite for Math 2371.


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