Counsellors help students identify and develop their career goals through individual and group counselling. This process helps students identify their interests, abilities, values and needs; explore career information; and make career decisions.

Career Planning Process


Become familiar with your likes, dislikes, values and needs. Identify your skills, talents and abilities.

Useful worksheets

Who am I? (PDF)
What do I Enjoy? (PDF)
What is Important to Me? (PDF)
What Qualities do I Have? (PDF)

Useful links

Career Cruising
An interactive career resource to help find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training.

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Explore various career paths by researching career options and employment trends.

Useful worksheets

Career Search (PDF)
Information Interviews (PDF)

Useful links

Getting You Started on Your Career Path
Occupational information to help you become aware of potential career options.

Present and future labour market conditions in B.C.


Examine the information gathered and evaluate which options are best suited for you. 
Identify barriers and challenges. Be visionary. Set goals.

Useful worksheets

Career-Decision-Making Steps (PDF)
Barriers and Challenges (PDF)
Action Plan (PDF)


Identify what is needed to reach your career visions. Prepare for any kind of training, college or university that may be required.

Useful links

Canada’s number one source for finding information about schools, scholarships and careers. User can search by school major or by school name.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada 
Complete up-to-date information of higher education in Canada.

Industry Training Authority 
BC’s number one source for finding information about apprenticeships, trades and careers.

Job Entry

Secure a position in your chosen career field. Develop job-seeking skills and prepare for employment interviews.

Useful Worksheets

Resumes (PDF)
Targeting Employers (PDF)
Interviewing Tips (PDF)

External Job Search Sites

Canada’s biggest job site with comprehensive information for the job-seeker.

Canada Job Search
Extensive listing of web sites to help find career-related employment geared towards students and recent graduates of university and college. 

Job Career
Search over 500,000 jobs from job boards, company sites, and the web.


Continue to learn about the various aspects of your career field. Keep updated by further developing your skills and staying current with movements and trends in your area.

Career Resources Centre

The Counselling Department assists students considering career options by providing information and reference material on a wide variety of occupations. The Career Resource Centre is located in the Counselling Department. A collection of college and university calendars, career literature, and information on labour market trends is available