Here are 10 study tips to help you excel in your studies:

  1. Self-test – Test your knowledge of upcoming exam topics by giving yourself quick quizzes. This has been shown to be one of the top and most effective techniques for exam-preparation. This works most effectively if you also time yourself during the self-test (like actual exams).
  2. Use flashcards – These are similar to self-testing, except you use flashcards to help recall terms and definitions. There are also very good phone apps for flashcards.
  3. Distribute your learning – When you spread out your learning, your recall improves for exams and you will get better marks for your assignments.
  4. Plan your study session – Studies have shown that students who set learning goals before they start their study session(s) get better marks than students who just “jump in”.
  5. Textbook reading – Before you begin to read the chapter, scan the Introduction and Summary sections of that chapter first to get the “gist” of the topic.
  6. Read up on your topic before class – This helps you take better notes and focus better in the classroom.
  7. Think of the “why”, “what”, and “how” of concepts as you learn – This helps deepen your understanding of concepts and is also an effective study preparation tool.
  8. Get plenty of (restful) sleep – Students who cut back on sleep experience an increase in negative thoughts, and their ability to concentrate on schoolwork and exams also deteriorates.
  9. Have a balanced diet – Eating right is, like restful sleep, very important. There are now studies that show links between an increase in negative moods, maladaptive thoughts, and typical “junk food” diets.
  10. Last but not least – Your motivations (esp. learning goals)  and brain health-emotions are key to your learning success. Speak with a Counsellor to talk about your personal, educational, and career goals.