The Langara College Office of Institutional Research gathers and analyzes data for use in institution and system-wide policy formation, strategic planning, decision making, assessment and accountability activities. We provide business intelligence analytics, data and research to support the Langara community in a wide variety of areas, including executive decision making, enrolment management, academic planning and review, and student success and engagement.

This office assists in the maintenance of clean and usable data for the internal community, and is responsible for the quality of data shared with the Ministry of Post Secondary Education and Future Skills and other external agencies through the British Columbia Central Data Warehouse. We work with external and governmental agencies on research and data-sharing projects that track student success through the B.C. educational system and beyond.

Institutional Research works in partnership with other Langara offices to develop research methodologies and analysis plans for use in department-specific planning and assessment. We also provide guidance and support regarding methodology, instrument design and interpretation for offices and faculty that choose to conduct their own research.

Major projects include: