Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes by Student Group, Institution, and Program Area

Student Mobility: Student Transition Project

The Student Transitions Project is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Post Secondary Education and Future Skills and British Columbia's public post-secondary institutions. The Project is intended to examine the paths students take through the BC education system, from Kindergarten through public post-secondary. Project summaries will be posted as they become available. Further information and detailed reports are available at the Student Transitions Project website.

Research Results from the Student Transitions Project 

Further research on student pathways in the BC education system is available from the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer.

Student Geographics Reports

Student Geographics Reports summarize where in the lower mainland our students live. Continuing Studies geographics are provided every term, while Regular Studies reports are run in Fall term only.

Regular Studies Geographics 

Continuing Studies Geographics 

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