In 2013, Langara completed a waste audit and discovered that we produce over 750 pounds of garbage every day! That's a lot of waste, and much of it can be recycled instead of ending up in our landfills. 

Zero Waste

The ultimate goal of our recycling program is to create a zero waste campus. With that in mind, Langara encourages all students and employees to take action this fall. Join us in taking steps to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Participate in one of our upcoming events or sign up to be a volunteer Sustainability Ambassador. It'll take time, but if we all work together and start taking steps to make recycling a part of our campus routine, we know we can achieve zero waste.

Campus Recycling Streams

The College has already introduced a four-stream recycling initiative on campus and is now moving towards a City of Vancouver-approved, colour-coded bin system.


Accepted: All food scraps and soiled paper products


Accepted: Empty containers, bottles, cutlery, and lids


Accepted: Non-soiled paper products


Accepted: Cans, plastic and glass bottles, and juice boxes

Recycling Bins

It's important to get familiar with the four streams on campus in order to avoid contamination. Contamination occurs when a waste product is thrown into the wrong bin. For example, when we throw paper that should go into the Mixed Paper bin into the Refundables bin instead, that entire stream becomes contaminated and has to be thrown into the garbage. The garbage derails Langara's efforts to become a zero waste campus and diverts more garbage to our landfills. Please help us keep our campus streams clean by putting waste into its proper bin.

The recycling bins in the new Science & Technology Building are colour-coded. We are currently working to improve recycling bins throughout the rest of the campus by updating existing signs to the same colour-coded ones used in the Science & Technology Building.

Recycling Tips:

Here are some tips to help you reduce waste on campus:

  • Take your trash to a hallway recycling bin
  • Invest the time to sort your waste into the correct recycling bin
  • Avoid contaminating campus recycling streams
  • Be mindful of creating extra garbage
  • Bring your own coffee cup or traveler mug to school or work
  • Print double-sided
  • Participate in a upcoming recycling event on campus
  • Become a Sustainability Ambassador and help others to think green
  • Check out our mini recycling guide to learn which bin your waste belongs

Student Bursaries

At Langara, we believe in giving back to our students, which is why every dollar that is recycled from a can or bottle on campus goes towards bursaries for our students. To learn more about bursaries and how to apply, visit the Financial Aid website. If you have any questions about our bursary supported by recycling Refundables on campus, email