We have a number of gardens on our campus for the community to enjoy. 

 community garden

Community Garden 

The Langara Community Garden is run by the Langara Community Garden Society, a registered non-profit society made up of faculty, staff, and students from Langara College, as well as members from the community. It is located along Ontario St. And 51st Avenue and was established in May 2011. Plots are rented on an annual basis and open to the public. Please visit the Langara Community Garden Society website to rent a plot or for more information.
fruit garden

Fruit garden 

The fruit garden was created in 2017 as a means of promoting green space in unused areas while simultaneously providing food for the community. The garden features fruit and herbs that anyone in the community can use, including rosemary, oregano, and berries. It also serves as a nursery for the flowering plants to later be transplanted in different areas on campus.  The mix of edible and pollinator plants is intended to demonstrate one of the foundations of organic growing — that biodiversity begets biodiversity. In diverse systems, plants grow healthier, and wildlife is enriched. The fruit garden is one of the stops on our self-guided Sustainability Tour.

pollinator garden LSU pollinator garden

Pollinator Gardens 

Our campus features multiple pollinator gardens located on the south side of the Langara Students Union, and on the north side of B Building. These gardens were planted by our Sustainability Student Ambassadors (SSA) in 2021, and feature plants that attract and feed bees, hummingbirds and butterflies to encourage pollination and biodiversity. This project is gratefully funded in part through the World Wildlife Fund Go Wild Grant. You can view the project history and learn more about the pollinator species in the Garden for Pollinators eBook >> that our students created. The Biology Department and Biology club students have also installed several new pollinator gardens to the East of the Library Pond, and wrapping around all the way to 49th Avenue. The goal is to use these gardens for research on the pollinators that come to these spaces and report back their findings. 

accessible garden

Gardenability (Accessible Garden)  

We are conscious of the fact that persons with disabilities are currently excluded from the opportunity to participate because of the limited accessibility. Students with disabilities are especially vulnerable in terms of food security. The Accessible Garden increases inclusion through providing raised beds suitable for individuals who are either wheelchair bound or have limited mobility, which include the elderly. The garden was started in 2022, and is situated by the designated staff parking lot on the east side of campus (by Ontario St), where there is a paved path to access the raised beds. This project is gratefully funded in part through the World Wildlife Fund Go Wild Grant.