Every year, Langara plays host to hundreds of events that help to celebrate, teach, inform and bring our community together. These events speak to our institutional values and as a student, faculty or staff organizer of these events, you have an opportunity to ensure they incorporate and promote sustainable practices.

What is a Zero Waste Event?
Zero Waste Event designation is given to events at Langara that strive to create as little waste as possible through all phases from planning to execution and right down to the event clean up. This requires event planners to make thoughtful decisions and take into consideration where waste is created, and to commit to actions to help minimize it.

The goal is to design an event that reduces the amount of materials consumed, re-uses items wherever possible, and encourages recycling throughout the event.

Every bit of effort contributes to the overall sustainability goals of our college and community. Depending on how many of the recommended actions you incorporate into your event, you may receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold badge.

Get Started

  1. When planning your event, consider how you can reduce the amount of waste created. Use the Zero Waste Event checklist as a reference – these are the criteria used to evaluate your event. 
  2. Use the form linked below (click "Complete the Checklist") to submit your event to Facilities.
  3. Facilities will send confirmation of your Zero Waste Event level by email.
  4. Communicate to your audience and the college community your event sustainability goals.
  5. After the event, discuss with your group what results were achieved and what can be improved.


Zero waste badges (.png files)
Download the zero waste badge you've earned, and use on your digital event marketing pieces.

Bronze | Silver | Gold

Zero Waste Events on campus


  • May 2: Academic Plan Mini Conference 2022


  • Feb 25–26: Intercultural Days (Gold)
  • Feb 26 – Pink Shirt Day (Silver)