Langara College offers various programs and courses for students interested in learning more about sustainability. Topics include the social, economic, and environmental impact of sustainablity and how to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily lives.

University Studies

Langara College offers various academic theory-based courses around the topics of environment and sustainability:

  • Environmental Studies explores world ecosystems, environmental understanding, protection and remediation of environments
  • Biology studies life in all its variety and richness, explores our relationship with the environment, and investigates sustainable biological systems
  • Ecology examines ecosystems and biodiversity 
  • Applied Urban & Rural Planning addresses natural and physical environmental concerns that need to be considered when planning and building

Gain a special "green" citation! The Citation in Environmental Studies is designed for students who have completed a number of courses relating to environmental issues while pursuing a diploma, associate degree, or bachelor's degree in another subject area.

Continuing Studies

Langara College Continuing Studies offers learning opportunities that contribute to healthier and more sustainable communities:


One of Langara College's academic goals is to actively explore and pursue opportunities for scholarly activity and collaborative research.

Biochar research:

In September 2011, Langara College began an active research project exploring the science of biochar production and use. Developed and led by Chemistry instructor Kelly Sveinson, the biochar experimental reactor explores the potential of converting certain solid wastes into biochar (more commonly known as charcoal).

The project uses Langara’s experimental biochar reactor to convert a variety of biomass wastes into biochar, a substance similar to charcoal. Produced from pyrolysis of biomass (such as wood), biochar is a form of carbon that is removed from the atmosphere and has climate change mitigation potential.