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Langara College conducted the first-ever Sustainability Culture Assessment from Jan 25-Feb 8 2021. We are very pleased to share the results. 

About the Survey
By taking the survey, we hope to understand your perceptions and behavior towards the environment. Our goal is to use the results to focus our efforts towards educating our community on the topic of sustainability as part of our overall strategic plan.Langara College invites you to share your thoughts on Langara's culture of sustainability by taking this short 10-min survey. 


Key highlights

  • The majority of faculty respondents would be willing to take greater steps in participating and promoting sustainable behaviors and education on campus
  •  53% of students and faculty have had discussions related to sustainability topics in the classroom
  •  90% of respondents felt that it was important for students to gain knowledge of the tools and perspectives needed for sustainable living as part of their education
  •  90% of respondents want sustainability to be a top priority for leadership at Langara
  •  Roughly half (51%) of respondents felt that having more knowledge and resources would help them to be more active about sustainability on campus
  •  As many as 73% of respondents think that climate change impacts will be significant and are worried about how these impacts may affect their lives

See the 2021 Sustainability Culture Assessment Report >>