Beginning in the fall 2016, we encourage all Langara employees to support the College's "take it with you" campaign. Desk-side garbage bins on campus will no longer be emptied by janitorial staff. Instead, employees will need to empty their bins at the nearest recycling sorting station. In doing so, we are relying on all employees to take responsibility for the waste that they produce and to ensure that all recyclable materials are kept out of the landfill.

Since this initiative first began in 2013, Langara has removed hundreds of bins from classrooms and offices. In many cases, there may be no change to your usual routine. We are now aligning recycling practices throughout the rest of the campus.

If you have questions about the College’s desk-side recycling initiative, please review our FAQs below or contact the Facilities Department at

Thanks for supporting a green and sustainable Langara.

What exactly are the changes that will take place in the fall?

In the past, janitorial staff have emptied all garbage bins and replaced liners whenever they come into your area for regular service. Going forward, personal garbage bins underneath and next to your desk will no longer be emptied during janitorial staff visits. You will be responsible for taking your own trash to the nearest recycling sorting station or shared bin.

Please continue to empty your blue paper recycling bins yourself. Janitorial staff will still empty any shared waste bins in your area.

Why are we making this change?

The vast majority of garbage on campus is entirely recyclable, but only if it is properly sorted. When everyone actively participate in sorting their garbage, we begin to consider what we are using and how to take ownership of where our garbage ends up. Consolidating bins will also help keep thousands of plastic liners out of the landfill every year, while helping to save College resources.

How should I deal instead with my garbage?

If you have organic/soiled garbage, it should be taken immediately to a sorting station to prevent the possibility of odour or pests. Mixed paper can continue to go into your blue bin, which you can empty when full. Any other items can be taken to the nearest sorting station, or you can use a hanging side compartment for your blue bin to hold dry garbage and periodically empty this yourself.

Contact to request a hanging side bin. However, in support of our campus-wide recycling efforts, liners will not be provided.


There are no convenient recycling sorting stations near my work area. What can I do?

While we have tried to place recycling stations in most high traffic corridors and any areas with a large number of employees, there may still be places on campus that are underserved. Contact if you have a good location to suggest and we will review the need and availability of bins.

Will my existing waste bin be removed?

There are currently no plans to remove existing bins unless you request for it to be removed, but no new bins will be provided. With this change in place, you may find it more convenient to replace a stand-alone waste bin with a blue bin and hanging side bin combo, which can be requested by contacting