Where are the recycling bins located at Langara?

Recycling bins can be found in all buildings across campus in hallways, seating areas, employee kitchens, and in the student cafeteria. As there are generally no waste bins inside classrooms, we try to make sure that there are recycling bins close to all classrooms so that students can easily take their trash with them on their way out. Four-stream stations have been placed in all floors of all buildings across campus.

Can I recycle or compost coffee cups? What about the lids?

Yes! All coffee cups can be recycled. Place the entire empty cup and lid – with the sleeve removed – into the blue Recyclables bin. Sleeves can be placed in the yellow Mixed Paper bin. Please ensure that your coffee cup is empty before recycling, and if the cup has been rinsed, it can even go into the yellow Mixed Paper bin as well!


How do I report problems with the recycling stations?

For immediate problems with the stations, such as overflows, please email facilities@langara.bc.ca. You can also provide feedback about recycling bins and stations via this email.

How do I sort?

Simply drop each item in the proper bin using the bin signs as a guide. Avoid contamination by sorting correctly. For example, if you have a half-eaten sandwich in a plastic container:

  • Put the half-eaten sandwich into the green Organics bin, and the empty plastic container into the blue Mixed Recyclables bin. Both items will then be reused.

Are there any other good reasons for me to recycle my refundable containers properly?

Yes! The money generated from refundable containers is matched by the College and goes towards student bursaries each year. Make sure to look for the red Refundables bin.

Can I recycle my items from home on campus?

​Yes! Along with paper and mixed recyclables, we also accept used electronics, batteries, and soft plastics at our Recycling Station in the cafeteria. For items we don't accept, please visit the City of Vancouver website to learn more.


What happens to the food scraps?

All food scraps are handled by a third party waste managment company that will compost these materials off-campus at their processing facilities.


What items are considered contaminants in recycling?

Many items can cause contamination if thrown into the wrong bin. For example, a piece of paper covered with food or grease cannot be processed along with clean mixed paper, and can in fact cause the entire bin of otherwise recyclable paper to be thrown out. Contamination is one of the main obstacles of recycling and why it is very important for all of us to be familiar with the streams. Check the signs on the recycling bins for what items can be put into it and please take a moment to sort correctly.


Who can I contact about campus recycling?

If you have questions, comments, or ideas, we welcome your emails at facilities@langara.bc.ca