Peter A. Allard School of Law

The University of British Columbia offers a three-year Juris Doctor degree (JD). 

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  • Below are the admission criteria into the Peter A. Allard School of Law:

    • A personal statement is required in all categories
    • Completion of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is required in all categories
    • It is important to maintain a high GPA as admission to the Peter A. Allard School of Law is extremely competitive
    • Please read the UBC Calendar for more details in regard to admission





Please see note below!

Undergraduate Degree

In an approved course of studies from an approved university.

No greater weight is attached to one series of academic courses or disciplines than to another.

Please see note below! 

Completion of 3 years (minimum 90 credits)

In an approved course of studies leading to an undergraduate degree. 30 credits of which must be comprised of upper-level courses. The majority of these credits (i.e. at least 60 credits of the 90) must be completed at UBC)

Please see note below!

Students may apply as early as the end of their second year

In an approved course of studies leading to an undergraduate degree


must be currently enrolled in their third year of a degree program.

An offer of admission will be conditional on successful completion of the third year by June 30th with a minimum of 90 credits and maintenance of the academic average obtained in the first two years of studies. 30 of the 90 credit requirement must be completed at the senior level.


Please note: Your academic performance, LSAT score and personal statement are given equal priority for general applicants. The median LSAT score of successful applicants is 166 (93rd percentile) and the median GPA is 83%.

Courses completed toward a diploma program and subsequently transferred to a degree program will not be considered until the degree has been granted. Prospective applicants should be aware that almost all of our students have completed a four-year degree. If you transfer to UBC after completing 30 credits at Langara and then complete 60 more credits at UBC, you would be eligible to apply in your third year of studies if you meet all other admissions criteria. If most of your credits were completed at Langara, it will be necessary to complete your whole degree prior to applying.


Discretionary Applicants

Indigenous Applicants

Those students who do not meet one or more of the requirements as a regular applicant BUT may have considerable relevant life experience.

OTHER FACTORS may be considered for admission on the basis of: A Disability or Special Needs, Financial or Personal Challenges, Membership in a Historically Disadvantaged Group, Relevant Personal Achievements, Relevant Work Experience, including volunteer work, Contributions to your Community, Other Relevant factors

Applicants who self-identify as Indigenous, including First Nations, Métis, or Inuit communities are encouraged to apply in the Indigenous Category.

These applicants will automatically be considered within the general category as well.

Policy requires that discretionary applicants must have taken the LSAT and completed two years of an approved course of studies at either an approved college or university leading to an undergraduate degree.

Please see Calendar for more details

Applicants under the Indigenous category must have the following to be eligible for selection:

  • undergraduate degree from a university, or
  • three years (minimum 90 credits) from a university, 30 credits of which must be comprised of upper-level courses

We will prioritize applicants who:

  • are involved with or committed to Indigenous communities and organizations, and
  • intend to use their legal training to advance Indigenous concerns and interests.

Indigenous applicants should contact the Associate Director of Indigenous Legal Studies as early as possible to discuss their application.

Please see Calendar for more details


This course planning outline is created by the Langara College Counselling Department and is intended for use only as a guide. It is the students' responsibility to consult original sources to ensure accuracy.

Updated March 2022