NEW Faculty of Arts requirements for 2024/25.

Please be advised that the Graduation Requirements for the Faculty of Arts at UBC have changed for students who enter the program in 2024/2025 or later. Please read through these new requirements in their entirety. 

Please see the following UBC infographic for quick reference of the old vs. new requirements for the BA.
*Please consult UBC's website for the most up to date and accurate information. Infographics are subject to changes:

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The Faculty of Arts requires all students to complete specific graduation requirements. Students do not need to complete these requirements before transferring to UBC. However, most students complete many of the requirements in their first and/or second year, particularly the writing component, which must be completed within your first 60 credits.

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General Information:

  • All applicants to UBC must demonstrate competency in the English language. There are nine ways to meet the English language requirements. Click here to determine which category applies to you.
  • Students must ensure that all the courses they are planning to take are transferable to UBC by referring to the BC Transfer Guide.
  • Students may receive some transfer credit for certain university-level high school courses. See here.

Useful links when using this course planning worksheet:
UBC Degree Requirements (UBC Arts Calendar)
UBC General and Program-Specific Transfer Requirements
Important Dates and Deadlines
BC Transfer Guide

BA Degree Requirements

Langara Equivalents

Prerequisite & Course Information

(3 credits)

ENGL 100
WRDS 150


ENGL 1100
ENGL 1123

  1. LET (min. level 3 or 4) or LPI equivalent or BC English 12, minimum 70% grade with a provincial exam required as a prerequisite.

  2. Langara students can apply to UBC without completing the writing requirement; however, the writing requirement must be completed within the first 54 credits of their degree.

(3 credits)

See here for a list of approved courses



  1. Students must also complete a research-intensive experience, typically specified for their major

  2. These UBC courses are normally offered at the 400-level. There are often prerequisites and they are frequently restricted to Majors in the discipline. See UBC advisor

Ways of Knowing Breadth Requirement

(21 credits)

Areas of Breadth (Humanities & Creative Arts, Language as Meaning, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioural Systems)
Place & Power

*Please see description below

Outside Requirement


Students must complete a minimum number of credits outside the field of study of their specialization(s) or major (similar to a Breadth requirement).


Honours or Combined Major

Double Major, Double Honours or Adding a Minor

60 outside credits required

48 outside credits required

24 outside credits required

See link for more details.

Arts Credit Minimum Requirement


  1. A minimum of 72 of the 120 credits required for the Bachelor of Arts degree program must be Arts credit, except when the completion of the student’s specialization(s) requires more than 48 credits outside of Arts. See UBC Credit Requirements and Regulations for more details.

Arts Credit is defined by subject area. Credit completed in subject areas identified in the UBC Calendar course descriptions as being offered by the Faculty of Arts, is considered Arts Credit.


*Ways of Knowing Breadth Requirement

1. Areas of Breadth (18 credits)

Students are required to complete coursework across four areas of study:

  • Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Language as Meaning
  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Social and Behavioural Systems

The student’s major or Honours program will encompass deep engagement in one of these areas, so no additional credits are required from that area. The Breadth requirements will, therefore, consist of coursework in the three remaining disciplinary areas of study.

Students may choose how many credits - 9, 6 or 3 - they spend in each of the three remaining Breadth areas, for a total of 18 credits. Areas are defined by course code. All credits completed within each of the Breadth areas must be taken from the same course code (i.e. Language as Meaning: FREN (9 credits)). 

Step 1: Determine which Area of Breadth your Major falls under 

Step 2: List the remaining three Areas of Breadth

Step 3: Allocate 9, 6, and 3 credits to the three remaining Areas of Breadth

  • 9 credits in one discipline, assigned to one of the three remaining Areas of Breadth
  • 6 credits in one discipline from another Area of Breadth, and 
  • 3 credits in the remaining Area of Breadth. 

Students are encouraged to select disciplines and courses that align with their personal interests, post-graduate goals, and/or recommendations from their major’s program.

2. Place and Power (3 credits)

Students must complete 3 credits from the approved course list (**this course list is not currently available, and therefore students should aim to take the Place and Power requirement at UBC). These credits do not need to be exclusive of the student’s other degree or program requirements and may be met in any of the disciplinary areas, including that of the student’s major.

Please see the image below from UBC for examples of the application of the Ways of Knowing Breadth Requirement. *Please consult UBC's website for the most up to date and accurate information. Infographics are subject to changes:

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Students should consult the BC Transfer Guide to determine which Langara courses are transferable to UBC.

Course Planning Guides for programs within UBC Faculty of Arts




Interdisciplinary Studies

Art History

International Relations

Asian Area Studies


Asian Language & Culture

Latin American Studies

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Medieval Studies

Cognitive Systems


Commerce (Minor)

Political Science

Computer Science



Religion, Literature and the Arts


Religious Studies

First Nations Language & Linguistics



Speech Sciences


U.S. Studies


Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice

Hispanic Studies

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1. NUTR 2112 (3) + 2212 (3) for a total of 6 credits is equivalent to UBC's FNH 255 (3) credits.

These Course Planning documents are created by the Langara College Counselling Department and are intended for use only as a guide. UBC's requirements are subject to change, and it is the student’s responsibility to consult original sources to ensure accuracy.

Updated Jan 2024