The Faculty of Arts requires all students to complete specific graduation requirements. These graduation requirements are listed below. Please note: students  do not need to complete these requirements before transferring to UBC. However, most students complete many of the requirements in their first and/or second year, particularly English 100, which must be completed within your first 60 credits.

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BA Degree Requirements Langara Equivalents Prerequisite & Course Information

Writing & Research

  • ENGL 100



  • WRDS 150 (formerly ASTU 150)
  • ENGL 1100



  • Unavailable

1. LET (min. level 3 or 4) or LPI equivalent or BC English 12, minimum 80% grade with a provincial exam required as a prerequisite.

2. Langara students can apply to UBC without completing the writing requirement; however, the writing requirement must be completed within the 1st 60 credits of their degree.

3. Students must complete a 3 credit research-intensive course between 30 and 120 credits of an Arts Degree. This research component is fulfilled at UBC, after students declare their major, typically in 3rd year.

4. All applicants to UBC must demonstrate competency in the English language.  There are 8 ways to meet the English language requirements.  Click here to determine which category applies to you.

(0-12 credits)


  • FREN 1115 & 1215
    FREN 1117 & 1217 
  • SPAN 1115 & 1215
    SPAN 1118 & 1218 
  • LATN 1115 & 1117
    LATN 2225 & 2227 
  • JAPN 1115 & 1215
    JAPN 1117 & 1217 
  • CHIN 1115 & 1215
    CHIN 1117 & 1217 
  • GREK 1115 & 1215

1. Students who have completed a language to the Grade 10 level, or have not completed any language, must complete 12 credits of a language.

2. Students who have completed a language to the Grade 11 level, must complete a further 6 credits of the same language or 12 credits of a new language. 

3.Students who have completed a language to the Grade 12 level, have completed the UBC language requirement. 

4. Students who have a proficiency in an approved second language may contact the Academic Advising Office at UBC to arrange for a competency exam.

(6-8 credits)


  • BIOL
  • CHEM
  • MATH
  • PHYS
  • STAT
  • CPSC
  • ASTR 1101, 1102
  • GEOG 1180, 1190
  • GEOL 1110, 2207, 2215
  • NUTR 2112 & 2212

1. All BIOL, CHEM, MATH, PHYS, STAT & CPSC courses chosen must be transferable to UBC. Check

2. Students may choose any two of the courses listed to complete the UBC BA science requirement. For course descriptions and prerequisites, check the on-line Langara calendar.

3. NUTR 2112 (3) + 2212 (3) for a total of 6 credits is equivalent to UBC's FNH 255 (3)credits.


(6 credits)


  • ENGL 1129
  • ENGL 2223
  • ENGL 2224
  • ENGL 2225
  • ENGL 2234
  • ENGL 2235
  • ENGL 2237

 Note : There are a number of other courses at UBC, other than English, that satisfy the BA literature requirement. Consult the UBC Arts Literature Requirement for more options.


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These Course Planning documents are created by the Langara College Counselling Department and are intended for use only as a guide. UBC's requirements are subject to change, and it is the student’s responsibility to consult original sources to ensure accuracy.

Updated May 30, 2015