Simon Fraser University Admission Requirements


  • You must have attempted a minimum of 24 credits of transferable post-secondary course work and may transfer up to a maximum of 60 credits toward your degree program. If you have completed fewer than 24 credits, you will be required to meet the high school admission requirements.

  • If you are not in good standing or have a GPA or less than 2.0 (60%), you will not be admitted.

  • Admission is competitive. Admission averages have ranged from 2.50 GPA to 3.50 GPA depending on the program - for details see admission averages. An admission average is calculated on all transferable courses attempted. If you repeat a transferable course for admission, the highest course attempt will be used in the GPA calculation.

  • In addition to the general and program-specific admission requirements (listed below), you must meet SFU's English language admission requirement and Quantitative skills requirement. If you do not meet these requirements on your college or university course work, a high school transcript may be requested.

  • BC Associate of Arts or Science degree holders will receive preference in admission, with a GPA 0.25 points less than the GPA required for regular transfer, but not less than 2.00 overall. If individually assigned transfer credit totals less than 60, the remainder will be general elective credit.

  • SFU will assess possible transfer credit only after an admission application has been received.

  • Please consult the SFU college/university transfer page for further information on degree-specific requirements.


Competency Requirements for Post-Secondary Transfer Students


English Literacy Requirement

Quantitative & Analytical Skills Requirement

All applicants to SFU must demonstrate their literacy competency.

Students transferring from other post-secondary institutions must either:

(a) obtain a grade of C- or better in a college English course that is transferable to SFU for English (ENGL) credit, designated or undesignated (no LPI score required); or

(b) obtain a grade of C- or better in a college course that is certified W by SFU and articulates to a W course at SFU (no LPI score required

 NOTE:  If students cannot meet either of these conditions, literacy admission requirements shall be the same as for secondary school graduates (see Direct Admission from Grade 12).

All applicants to SFU must demonstrate their quantitative and analytical skill competence by the following:
1.  Obtain a grade of C (60%) in a secondary school senior level Math or Pre-Calculus course.

2.  Obtain a grade of C- or better in a transferrable 3-credit Math or certified quantitative (Q) course.  NOTE: a minimum grade of 70% is required in one of the acceptable Math courses used for admission in order to enroll directly in Q courses at SFU.
Courses that transfer to SFU as certified Q courses or fulfil the designated Q requirement are:

  • Most MATH
  • Most STATS
  • Most CHEM
  • Most PHYS
  • PSYC 2320, 2321
  • PHIL 1102, 1104
  • KINS 1151
  • CRIM 1220
  • ECON 1110, 1220, 1221, 2210, 2251, 2260, 2280, 2296
  • FMGT 1115 & 1215, 2294, 1323 & 2423
  • CPSC 1040, 1150, 1155, 1181, 1191, 2150, 2190, 2401, 2451
  • APPL 2320
  • GEOG 2210, 2280, 2290

These courses are intended as a guide only, as transfer rules may change.  To ensure course transferability, consult the BC Transfer Guide. The transfer guide should indicate whether the course transfers as a Q course.

You can also find SFU's list of Certified Q courses here.


Graduation Requirements




W - Writing


One lower-division W course (at least 3 units)

One upper-division W course (at least 3 units), in the student's major subject.

Q - Quantitative


Two Q courses, lower or upper-division (6 credits)

B - Breadth (Designated)


Social Sciences: B-Soc (2 courses, 6 credits)
Humanities: B-Hum (2 courses, 6 credits)
Sciences: B-Sci (2 courses, 6 credits)

Only courses outside the student's major may count as a Breadth (B).

B - Breadth (Additional)


Two additional courses (6 credits) outside the student's major program. These courses may or may not be Breadth (B) designated courses and, in most cases, will fulfill individual degree program requirements.


  • Some courses may fulfill more than one requirement.
  • Some courses have multiple designations (eg. one course may transfer as a W, Q and B); students are encouraged to discuss options with SFU recruitment/admissions.
  • Students can determine course designations here.
  • C- grade or better is required to earn W, Q or B credits.
  • To ensure transfer designations, consult the BC Transfer Guide.


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