Simon Fraser University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in one of the following areas: Interactive Systems, Design or Media Arts.

Students can also consider the following joint majors:

  • Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
  • Interactive Arts and Technology and Business Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Business Management
  • Interactive Arts and Technology and Business Bachelor of Science

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Langara Diagnostic Tests for pre-requisites 

All SIAT students complete a common set of core first- and second-year Interactive Arts and Technology (IAT) courses. These courses are not available at Langara. Transfer students are therefore encouraged to apply after completing the following:

  • English Language admission requirement
  • Quantitative and Analytical skills requirement
  • Minimum 24 units of transferable coursework including one first year computer programming course
SFU Courses Credits Langara Equivalents Credits
One of: One of:
CMPT 120 3 CPSC 1150 3
CMPT 125 3 CPSC 1181 3
CMPT 128 3 CPSC 1155 3
All of: All of:
MACM 101 3 CPSC 2190 3


One additional three-unit lower division science course from computing science (CMPT), engineering science (ENSC), biomedical physiology and kinesiology (BPK), mathematics (MATH), statistics (STAT), or physics (PHYS)

 If you have questions, feel free to contact an advisor.


This course planning outline is created by the Langara College Counselling Department and is intended for use only as a guide. It is the students' responsibility to consult original sources to ensure accuracy.


Updated FEBRUARY 2021