Dec 1, 2011

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Editorial - Janine Lennox

I consider it a privilege to address the faculty and students of the Langara College School of Nursing in this inaugural issue of the Langara Nursing News. Our faculty and student body represent a diversity of interests and skills which should be celebrated in this way. This newsletter was conceptualized to allow us to better communicate about important issues and appreciate our individual and collective contributions to our profession. In addition, it showcases our members, program, activities, and personality.

At the recent CASN Nursing Academic Leadership conference in Quebec City, the opening keynote speaker, Dr. Francine Girard, stated that “communication, communication, communication” is the link between nursing education, practice, administration, and research. In the past year a significant communication link between all of these elements has been created in British Columbia through the development of InspireNet, an organization for nurses funded by the Michael Smith Foundation. InspireNet offers us the ability to connect practice, research, and education through electronic communities of practice. Both nursing faculty and students here at Langara can use this resource to facilitate advancement of our interests and to communicate and work with colleagues in other areas of nursing. I know that the Langara Nursing News electronic newsletter will also enhance our communication with each other in this way.

The fact that both InspireNet and this newsletter offer the opportunity to bring educators and students together is perhaps fortuitous. The closing keynote speaker at the CASN Nursing Academic Leadership conference was Dr. Mary Anne Andrusyszn. Her main message focused on the need for succession planning in nursing education leadership. When I look at our students I see future leaders and nurse educators as well as practitioners, administrators, researchers and policy makers. I certainly hope that some of our students will find the inspiration to become nurse educators and perhaps even bring their skills here to their alma mater.

I thank Pat Woods, the driving force in ensuring that this newsletter has come to fruition after several years of planning. Her persistence, vision, and talent have helped us produce our very first School of Nursing newsletter, the Langara Nursing News.


Issue 01, December 2011

Student Profile

Alumni Profile


Here are a few of the accomplishments of our Term 10 students:

  • Current Term 10 students Janelle Currie and Rashel Lim presented a poster at InspireNet on November 7th, and the students celebrated the end of Term 10.




Letter from the Editor.

I’d like to thank all the faculty members who contributed to our inaugural issue of the Langara Nursing News. This truly has been a collaborative effort, and I would like to especially thank Pat Woods for her pioneering spirit and enthusiasm in getting this enterprise off the ground. I have truly enjoyed being a part in the creation of our very first newsletter, and look forward to the future of this publication.

Sabrina Chahal

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