Dec 1, 2011

Sim Man

Steve the Sim Man has finally arrived!

Steve the Sim Man

He blinks, he bleeds, he has pedal pulses, and he can become cyanotic.

Steve, our new wireless Sim man is a wonderful addition to our NERC. Think of the possibilities of having a simulator man who isn't attached to the wall.

This opens up a lot of simulation experiences for the students and excellent teaching techniques for Faculty. High fidelity simulation is crucial for student learning within complex patient environments.  He is a welcome addition to our Simulation family- Vincent Brody, Noelle and others. A celebration of his arrival is in the works.


The holiday season is a time to treat yourself and your family to something special like a good dinner or perhaps a little gift. But each year more and more people are unable to do this. So to bring some joy to Langara students and their families the Financial Aid department created the Christmas Hamper program. Students who would like some assistance for the holidays submit their name, age of their child(ren) and some ideas of what they would like to receive. Once received Financial Aid puts out a call to programs and departments to anonymously "adopt a family" and create a holiday basket. The baskets are delivered by a volunteer to the families' home around Dec. 23rd.

Over several years the nursing department faculty have been INCREDIBLY generous in supporting up to 3 families each year. Elves Gail Bremer and Sue Calvert collect money, non-perishable food, or donations of toys, clothing or special items from the faculty. Cash donations are used to by food, a grocery gift card and a gift(s) for each member of the families. Once all the special items are assembled, a team of wrapping elves (Deb Filleul, Sharon Ronaldson and Sharon Liversidge and many more) put the final touches on our hampers so that our families will have a very happy holiday season.

If anyone would like to contribute to our families or be a part of the Elf team, please contact Gail Bremer at local 5332 or the first week of December.


  • Nathaniel Roxas, and Sara Gill, both recent Langara College, have joined our Program Advisory Committee.
  • Additional administrative release time has been awarded to the School of Nursing. Plans are being formulated to best utilize this time for the enhancement of the program INSCOL and CNSA.
  • Welcome back to Roberta Swanson. She has just this year from a 2 year leave.