Dec 1, 2011

Gail BremerGail (Campbell) Bremer began teaching in the Langara Program for 33 years since 1978. She graduated from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing in 1973 with her diploma and completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing at the University of British Columbia in1977. She has worked in a variety of areas in nursing, including emergency, IV therapy, and pediatrics. Outside of nursing, Gail has been involved in extensive, diverse, multi-sport, multi-role volunteer experiences in various roles including several coordinator positions, notably over 700 hours volunteering for the pre-Olympic and Para-0lympic Games. Gail has been involved within the Langara School of nursing in a multitude of roles, including Employee and Professional Development Coordinator, Administrator, and manager of the department PD Funds. When not working or volunteering, Gail is an avid sailboat enthusiast, and rumor has it that she is planning a cruise to start her retirement! The Langara School of Nursing would like to wish Gail all the best in her years of retirement and thank her for the continual support and guidance over the years!

A letter from Deb Fileul:

When I started at Langara, Gail was always willing to help the newbies get settled. She understood the importance of LUNCH and we had a regular 1130 date for food and chat, welcoming all who sat down with us. When Gail finished her term as Placement coordinator and I took that job, she was a on-going source of knowledge and support. I think that is what I appreciate and admire most about Gail: she is always available to help others, both at Langara and with her many volunteer activities. I will truly miss her.