Q&A with former student: Sunny Tran

What drew you to Vancouver? How did you decide to take language courses at Langara?
The main reason I chose to move from France to Vancouver in 2018 is to get out of my comfort zone in order to become more responsible, mature and independent. I chose Vancouver because of its warmer weather compared to Toronto, Montreal, etc. and for the peaceful lifestyle that this culturally diverse city provides. Coming to Vancouver, my dreams were to go to UBC and graduate with a double major in nutrition and acting. However, I did not get accepted to UBC right away, so I went to Langara instead with a plan to transfer later. 

How was your learning experience at Langara?

My learning experience at Langara has been eye-opening because I have tried a lot of different courses, such as nutrition, biology, chemistry, psychology, and currently business and commerce. One lesson I learned is to never be afraid to try new things, especially in our teens and early 20s. I remember during my very first semester in Fall 2018, Langara provided some great workshops to help us new college students study effectively and better manage and balance our school and personal life.  

How did this experience help you academically, professionally and/or personally? How will the skills you gained help you in the future or how are they helping you now?  

I think all these experiences, failures and hardships, have allowed me to build character and discipline. I can see a lot of improvements not only academically, but also in my everyday personal life as well. The journey I have been through has allowed me to develop resilience, which allows me to move forward and keep going, even when life gets tough. I believe that habits and consistency are keys to developing a bright future. It is all about taking small steps every day and believing in the process and the progress.  

What are your goals for the future? How do you want to grow professionally?  

My goal in the future is to be financially independent. I intend to achieve this by becoming a real estate investor, since I know the real estate market in Vancouver is always very hot and trendy. In order to do so, I need to gain as much knowledge as possible. My short-term goal is to finish my bachelor's degree in commerce so I can start working in my specialty sector and gain the experience that will make me grow as a well-educated and knowledgeable person. 

What advice would you give students who are interested in taking language courses? 

To students who are interested in taking language courses, I would say that learning any new language is always an opportunity to open many doors in our lives. The more languages we are familiar with, the more "keys" we will have, which makes us an overall better human. We are not only able to understand and speak another language, but also to understand and integrate a whole new culture into our awareness.