We are dedicated to helping you gain a sound knowledge and competency in Japanese through a program of academic foundation courses transferable to accredited degree granting institutions.

The focus of our courses is learning basic grammatical structure, common use vocabulary, and the formal and informal forms of speech needed to engage in polite conversation. The graduate of the program is then free, with further academic study or immersion in the culture, to build upon this foundation making it possible to read, write, listen and converse with confidence and sophistication in any social or business situation.
Emphasis is placed on learning the three orthographies (writing systems) in Japanese: two syllabaries, hiragana and katakana, as well as Chinese characters called kanji. Students must be able to demonstrate their ability to read and write these three orthographies on all examinations and assignments in order to meet transferability requirements.

Post-Graduate Credits in Mandarin

Knowledge of a second Asian language is a requirement toward earning a post-graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D.) in Asian Studies at UBC. Learning Mandarin is a plus for anyone majoring in Japanese studies or planning to do business in Asia. The Japanese writing system was adapted from the Chinese writing system, many Japanese words are derived from Chinese vocabulary, and Japanese culture was greatly influenced by Chinese culture for more than a thousand years.