Information on Mixed-mode courses for Chinese 3331/3333: 

CHIN 3331/3333 mixed-mode is a blended learning format which combines regular in-class teaching with guided online learning.  

You will meet in class twice a week to ensure that you are following the expected study schedule.  


  • the instructor will go through the important parts in each chapter;
  • questions arising from students’ guided self-study will be addressed; 
  • students will be engaged in examining the learning materials in a cultural/historical context.

The levels of students taking Classical Chinese can vary to a great extent. To give students with different levels better control over studying time, place and pace, technology-based learning is employed as a key component of this course. For each chapter, online exercises and materials, are designed to enable you to study and practice on your own. 

The online features on D2L include:

  • a detailed Checklist before each lecture so you will know what to prepare before coming to each class and what you need to complete after the session;
  • important supplementary materials for each chapter;
  • questions to be discussed in class;
  • exercises on the pronunciation and meanings of the key words/phrases;
  • key to the online exercises.
  • links to cultural/historical background regarding the author and the text;

A balanced approach will be adopted between the in-classroom and the various online instruction methods. This course will help you achieve the best possible study outcomes, while offering a flexible and independent way to learn.