Students who have successfully completed one semester of French while enrolled in a full academic program at Langara may apply for these scholarships in September and January. Successful candidates must have a good academic standing, with a GPA of at least 3.5.

Ask any French instructor for more information about the awards. 
Departmental application form required, check with any French instructor for most updated version. 


The Jean L'Abbé Memorial Scholarship

There is one annual award to honour the memory of Jean L'Abbé, a former instructor of French at Langara. Applicants should have completed 2 French courses with a general GPA of 3.5 or more. The amount of the award varies with interest rates.

The Gertrude Langridge Scholarship(s)

These scholarships, which honour the memory of Gertrude Langridge, a former French instructor at Langara, are available in both Fall and Spring semesters. The amount of each award varies with interest rates.


Six-week immersion courses in French are offered between May and August at many centres across Canada. The federal government bursary covers tuition, room and board in either student residences or private homes. We usually receive a few application brochures in January. However, full information is now online. Learn more.

Some of these courses may carry transfer credit, but some are non-credit. Please check the J'explore brochure and course listings carefully. The course must be a full university course of approximately 50 credit hours in order to qualify for transfer and you must submit an official request and your completed transcript to the Registrar's office at Langara in order for your request to be considered.


Paola Fernanda Borba

Paola Fernanda Borba                        

I started studying French in October, 2013 when I was still living in Brazil because of my plan to immigrate to Quebec. However, I fell in love with the language and even though I ended up moving to Vancouver two years ago, where French is not widely spoken, I decided to continue studying this beautiful language. I’m sincerely grateful for having my dedication to French studies recognized. Receiving the French Faculty Scholarship makes it all worthwhile, it motivates me to continue to work hard and assures me that all my efforts will pay off. I greatly appreciate the encouragement and the opportunity provided by my French instructor, Mademoiselle Mirabelle Tinio.