Welcome to the Chinese program at Langara College. 

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the students with various backgrounds and different goals. Our aim is to give our students a solid foundation of Chinese language and introduce them to the rich and colourful Chinese culture.

For native English speakers (people who have had, or almost have had, their entire education in an English speaking country) we have four foundational courses with emphasis on the basic vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar rules.

For native Mandarin speakers (people who grew up and had three or more years of schooling in Mainland China, Taiwan or Singapore) we offer Chinese literature courses. Students who have finished elementary school in China or Taiwan and can read and write Chinese comfortably at intermediate level can take Classical Chinese (CHIN 3331/3333) and Modern Chinese Literature (CHIN 3381/3383).

There are no placement tests for Chinese courses. However, before registering in a course, please read the prerequisites carefully. Students with any Chinese language background must contact an instructor before registering.

Student Testimonial 

"I initially chose to take Chinese because it is unlike English and my first language, Russian. I suppose the best way to describe taking Chinese classes at Langara is that it has been a very interesting and emotional journey. Truly, out of all the classes I have taken, Chinese class has been on a whole different level. 

I was fortunate to have Huimin Lin as my Chinese instructor, as she has been so supportive. I love the Chinese language and I have really enjoyed learning a little bit about Chinese culture and history during class. I hope to visit China someday soon (不到长城非好汉!) and my goal is to one day be able to speak fluently without being so self-conscious. 

Chinese is quite difficult for me, but it is this difficulty that makes it so rewarding to learn. I think when we try to accomplish things that do not come easily, we grow stronger and more resilient." - Nicole Alakhverdiants, UBC student