Fall 2021 Visiting Artists

Diyan Achjadi – October 6, 2021
Watch a recording of the artist talk 

Whess Harman – September 22, 2021
Watch a recording of the artist talk

HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander – November 10, 2021
Watch a recording of the artist talk 

Jade Yumang – November 24, 2021
Watch a recording of the artist talk

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Spring 2021 Visiting Artists

Hazel Meyer – March 24, 2021
Watch a recording of the artist  talk: https://stream.langara.ca/media/t/0_lr9pydic

Carrie Allison – March 10, 2021 

Jesse Gray – February 10, 2021
Watch a recording of the talk here: https://stream.langara.ca/media/t/0_kew4si16

Shaun Peter Mallonga – January 20, 2021
Watch the Q&A https://stream.langara.ca/media/t/0_9sc0v6h2

Fall 2020 Visiting Artists

Tiziana La Melia – November 18, 2020
Watch a recording of the talk here: https://stream.langara.ca/media/t/0_2niugbwj

Garnet Hertz – October 28, 2020 
Watch a recording of the talk here:  http://bit.ly/3iEVhC1

SF Ho – October 7, 2020 
Watch a recording of the talk here: http://bit.ly/2M7aWxq

Bracken Hanuse Corlett – September 23, 2020
Watch a recording of the talk here: https://stream.langara.ca/media/t/0_2lm7dgx2


Library Guides related to each artist:


Spring 2020 Visiting Artists 

Gabi Dao Media (Video, Audio)

Lucien Durey Sculpture, Sound, Performance

Charlene Vickers Sculpture, Painting, Performance


Fall 2019 Visiting Artists

Sandeep Johal (Painting, Media)

Charlotte Falk (Design)

Helen Reed & Hannah Jickling (Social Practice, Media, Publishing)

Emily May (Ceramics)

Concordia Portfolio Review and Info Session

Alex Stursberg

Alex Stursberg
Visual Artist
Wednesday, February 13
1:00 pm in A003

meg hubert

Meg Hubert
Clay, Light, Paint, etc
January 23, 1:00 pm in A003


Christian Vistan

Christian Vistan
Wednesday, March 20
1:00 pm in A003




Ben Reeves
September 19, 1:15 pm in A003


Debra Sparrow
Aboriginal Artist
October 20, 1:15 pm in A003


Vanessa Kwan
November 7, 1:15 pm in A003

Steven Wright

Steven Wright
November 21, 1:15 pm in A003

Alanna Edwards

Alanna Edwards
November 21, 1:15 pm in A003<

Toby Schillinger
Industrial Design/Fabrication
February 22, 1:15 pm, A046
Toby's Cycle Works

Tarah Hogue
March 8, 1:15 pm, A046

Patrick Cruz
January 18, 1:15 pm, A046

Gailan Ngan
February 1, 1:15 pm, A046

Brendan Lee Satish Tang

Rebecca Brewer
October 4, 1:15 pm, A046


Anna Gaby Trotz
October 17, 1:15 pm, A046

Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt
Engraver working in jewelry, accessories, art installations and furniture
October 24, 1:15 pm, A046


Julian Hou
Images, Textiles, Video, Sound, Performance
November 15, 1:15 pm, A046

Jibz Cameron
Performance/Video Artist and Actor
December 4, 2:00-3:30 pm, A046

Sculptor, Photographer and Video

Lectures langara fine arts

Instant Coffee
Artist Collective

Lectures langara fine arts

Bopha Chhay
Curator, Writer and Editor

Lectures langara fine arts

Aaron Nelson
Ceramic Artist

lecture artist fine arts langara

Vanessa Brown
Sculptor, Painter and Photographer

lecture artist fine arts langara

Elizabeth Zvonar
Photographer, Collage and Sculptor

lecture artist fine arts langara

Jesse Birch

lecture artist fine arts langara

Cindy Mochizuki
Animator, Video and Participatory Works

lecture artist fine arts langara

Huw Wahl
Film, Photographer and Sound Artist

lecture fine art langara

Steve Hubert
Painter, Sculptor, Drawing and Video

langara fine arts lectures

Heather Passmore
Painter, Drawing and Photographer

langara fine arts lectures

Diyan Achjadi
Printmaker, Drawing, and Animator

langara fine arts lecture

Dana Claxton
Weaves Images, Sounds and Ideas together

langara fine arts lectures

Brendan Tang
Ceramic Artist

langara fine arts lectures

Judson Beaumont
Sculptor, Furniture and Installation Designer

langara fine arts lectures

Samuel Roy-Bois

langara fine arts lectures

John T. Young
Sculptor and Public Artist

langara fine arts lectures

Holly Schmidt
Research-based Artist 

langara fine arts lectures

Pechet and Robb
Artists and Architects 

langara fine arts lectures\

Kate Armstrong
Artist, Writer, and Independent Curator

langara fine arts lectures

Corin Sworn
Installation, Drawing and Film

langara fine arts lectures

Reece Terris
Photographer, Installation, Performace Pieces and Sculptor

langara fine arts lectures

William Betts

langara fine arts lectures


Doug Taylor

langara fine arts lectures