What Langara's Sociology faculty strive to do in their teaching is to introduce their students to what is sometimes called the "sociological imagination" -- that is, to encourage them to see their own lives, and those of people around them, as part of wider social, cultural, and political contexts. People both create, and are moulded by, the societies of which they are a part, and so in our Sociology courses we try to educate our students to understand in-depth, and to participate critically in, an increasingly globalized world -- whether we are studying the areas of ethnic relations, class, gender, families, popular culture, deviance, the environment, cyberspace, social movements -- or many other areas.

Studying sociology at Langara College will provide you with an introduction to the core concepts and theories of this social science along with a wide variety of courses on specific themes including the sociology of literature, social problems, sociology of deviance, social theory, racism, gender inequality, crime and punishment, popular culture, social movements, sociology of cyberspace, the family, social change, and globalization. Sociology courses encourage the critical examination of some of the prevailing ideas about our society and provide you with a broad, holistic overview of how societies work.