The Asian Studies Program is unique in Canada. Beginning in 1983, it was the first two-year program in a Canadian community college to focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Having evolved substantially, the program is currently designed for university-transfer students who seek a better understanding of the cultures of the Asia-Pacific region.

The courses and seminars that give students in-depth insight into the cultures of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. South Asia and BC Asian societies are also surveyed in some courses. Students who take Asian Studies courses are very well prepared for transfer to Asian Studies and other social science departments in university.

Asian Studies

The program is popular with people who have worked or traveled in Asia, and who desire a deeper appreciation of the cultural patterns they have experienced. Many first generation Asian-Canadians and international students find the program insightful regarding their own backgrounds, and how western social science perceives their native culture.

The greatest economic growth in the world is occurring in the Asia-Pacific. These nations are powering the new globalized economy, a situation that will not change in the foreseeable future. Knowledge of their international situations, their lifestyles and their cultural values is the key to creating and maintaining solid relationships with our Pacific neighbours.