Gagun Chhina

Phone: 604.323.5713
Office: B010p

Dr. Gagun Chhina’s research focuses on international education, ludology, media, popular culture, and social marginality. Dr. Chhina completed his B.A.H. in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, his MA in Policy and Applied Social Research from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, and his PhD from The University of Manchester in the UK. Dr. Chhina's PhD research explored the function of new spaces and practices in the formation and creation of new cultural activities through the cross comparison of two different gaming spaces in the United Kingdom and India. Dr. Gagun Chhina conducts extensive fieldwork in the areas of film production and international education.  


Research Interests: race; ethnicity; gaming; media, immigration; research methods. 

Elic Chan

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2485

Ph.D (Toronto)

Interests: race; ethnicity; immigration; research methods.

Current Research: ethnic nonprofits; labour market integration.

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 2230

Sharlie Eicker

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2133

MA, SFU, Sociology

Interests: Urban and environmental sociology, migration and immigrant integration, intercultural families, cycling and travel.

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120 (Introduction to Sociology: Models and Concepts), SOCI 1121 (Introduction to Sociology: Structure and Processes), SOCI 1126 (Environmental Sociology), SOCI 1127 (Social Problems), SOCI 2222 (Globalization and Social Change), SOCI 2270 (Urban Sociology)

Karyn Eisler

Phone: 604.323.5712
Office: B010f

PhD., UBC (Sociology)

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 1123, SOCI 2260


Sandra Enns

Phone: 604.323.5720

Ph.D., UBC (Sociology)

Interests: social inequality (race, class, gender); aboriginal issues; criminology and deviance.

Current Research: Language-Assisted Learning Project to address needs of intercultural learners at Langara.

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 2200, SOCI 2205, SOCI 2225, SOCI 2230

Lisa Hale

Office: B010o

MJ (2017), MA (2006)

Interests: racism and ethnic relations; decolonization; language revitalization; investigative journalism; pop culture.

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 1127, CNST 1120, CNST 1140


Negin is originally from Tehran, Iran. She became a Langara student to find her path and after her first Introduction to Sociology course at Langara, she fell in love with Sociology. Negin completed her Bachelor’s degree and Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Sociology at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and received her Master’s in Sociology from the University of Calgary.

Negin’s research explored the resettlement experiences of Iraqi and Syrian refuge families in Calgary, Canada. Her research centered on the agency and resiliency of refugee women as well as the role of women as service provider staff in the resettlement of refugee families. Negin is interested in the experiences of war-led refugees and newcomers with displacement trauma and is passionate about gender studies.

After finishing her Master’s, she gained professional experience in the field of newcomer resettlement at AMSSA (the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC) where she worked with various stakeholders to support settlement service provider organizations across BC (organizations that offer services to newcomers) and produced reports that channeled successes and challenges of service providers since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negin feels most at home in the academic world of Sociology and is more than happy to connect with interested students to talk about possibilities that gaining a major in Sociology opens up. Negin’s first language is Farsi and as a previous Langara student who once found it challenging to study in English, she is happy to connect with students who have similar experiences.

At Langara, Negin teaches Introduction to Sociology: Structures and Processes (SOCI 1121) and Social problems (SOCI 1127).

When not teaching, Negin spends time writing, practicing watercolor, feeding her blue fish whose name is Tameshk (Blueberry in Farsi), and if possible, traveling.

Indira-Natasha Prahst

Office: B010j

Courses Taught: SOCI 1120, SOCI 1121, SOCI 1127, SOCI 2210, SOCI 2220, CNST 1140, FMST 1115

Susan Sverdrup-Phillips

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2529
Office: B010i

Courses Taught: SOCI 1121