In today’s evolving knowledge-based economy, individuals with the practical ability to apply social sciences and humanities knowledge are sought after assets.

The diploma in Applied Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) combines a set of core courses with elective options that give students a critical foundation to enter today’s workforce and to transfer successfully into degree programs in social sciences and humanities.

The DASSH curriculum is selected to be applied and transformative. DASSH combines theoretical, experiential, and technical learning that is a foundation for any knowledge-based career whatever degree program in social sciences or humanities a student may choose to pursue.

DASSH students acquire technical skills through courses in digital media, software use, and financial literacy, including working with an external client on an applied project in the final semester. Graduates are able to demonstrate to prospective employers the practical value of the skills and knowledge gained through their course of study. 

The DASSH diploma program chooses core Social Sciences and Humanities courses that are required for success in a variety of career areas including business, law, journalism, government, communications, public administration, the non-profit sector, and information technology and management.