Sociology Fall 2021 Classes

1120: Introduction to Sociology: Models and Concepts

1121: Introduction to Sociology: Structures and Processes

1127: Social Problems

1195: Special Topics: Drugs & Society

2200: Introduction to Social Theory

2222: Social Change and Globalization

2230: Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology


Anthropology Fall 2021 Classes

1120: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

1131: Introduction to Physical Anthropology & Human Origins

1132: Introduction to Archaeology

1160: Regional Studies in Anthropology: Latin America

1170: An Introduction to Myth & Folklore

1180: Aboriginal Cultures of BC

1295: Special Topics: Plagues & People

1400: Forensic Anthropology

2220: Museum Collections and Heritage (No prerequisites needed)


The faculty in our Department represent a broad cross-cultural perspective to learning about human societies. Over the years our faculty have conducted research among a variety of different communities in British Columbia, and international locations such as India, China, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Belize, and Peru.

We were also pioneers, being the very first college or university in B.C., to teach Sociology on-line in the 1990s!

The department has helped many students broaden their perspectives and, in many cases, literally changed their lives. We are very proud of our former students who have continued their academic studies and are now in possession of Masters and Ph.D degrees, as well as of those individuals who have informed us of how important our courses were in their personal development.

Our wide variety of Sociology and Anthropology courses can be chosen as electives in many different programs, and we hope that you choose to enroll in our courses!

Want to learn more about our department and classes? We have a dedicated Anthropology Instagram (langara_anthropology), an Anthropology Facebook account (, and even a Twitter page for our Anthropology department! (@langara_ANTH)!