Jan 7, 2019

By Erin Wilkins, Department Chair & Instructor 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Change is in the air for the Recreation Studies Department.

Although we are sad to see him leave us, we are excited for Andrew Lee our Instructional Assistant (IA) who has moved on to a new role at Langara as the IA for the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC). We wish Andrew great success in his new role and are grateful to have had him as a part of our team. Congratulations Andrew.

And now… It is with great pleasure I introduce to you Emma Courtney, the new Recreation Studies Department Instructional Assistant!

Emma joins us with a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management from Capilano University, and most recently she worked as a Senior Team Leader at AdventureSmart. Emma's background is predominately in the ski industry, having experienced mountain top recreation through a variety of different roles. Additionally, Emma has held positions in recreation in tourism through the equestrian industry, working as a horseback trail guide in the Rocky Mountains, and as far away as Ireland. Emma is currently exploring the relationship between yoga and meditation in recreation, and how fostering stronger relationships with oneself can help individuals grow and thrive and in turn help cultivate healtheir communities. Through her many experiences in the different realms of recreation, Emma has developed a wide variety of skills and experiences that will set her up for success in her new role.

I am just thrilled to report that Emma is off to a great start, already she is inspiring us with future opportunities for our department! 

If you are on Campus in the new year, please stop by Emma's office (b029j) and introduce yourself!

girl and mountain