Staring in the Fall 2020 semester, we will be offering some of our courses via asynchronous-online delivery. These courses allow students to pursue professional development without affecting their work schedules as the course is online and as well as self-paced (no predetermined classroom time). 

 These courses are financially comparable to sending a staff member to a conference with one course only costing approximately $350. For example, RECR 1170 in addition to valuable course content, includes Pool Operator certification and Refrigeration Safety Awareness Training, which would cost over $500 on their own if taken as stand-alone courses.

The courses that we recommend taking as a stand-alone professional development opportunity are as follows:

 RECR1170: Introduction to Recreation Facility Environments

An introduction to the operation of recreation facilities with topics such as fiscal planning, budgeting, and legislative and regulatory requirements for human resources and physical safety. Included in this course is BCRPA / RFABC Pool Operator Level 1 Certification and RFABC Refrigeration Safety Awareness. Students are eligible for Technical Safety BC RSA Examination after a site orientation at your organization’s arena facility. This course takes place from September to December.

RECR1160: Foundations of Leisure and Recreation

A foundational course for all Recreation Professionals a number of key concepts, issues, and topics related to the field of leisure and recreation. These include the basic history, psychology, and philosophy of recreation and leisure, as well as the scope of organizations and programs within Canada, i.e., the public, not-for-profit, and commercial sectors. This course takes place from September to December.

RECR2295: Advocacy and Recreation

  Develop a strong understanding of advocacy, along with the key skills required to advocate in the recreation field. This course will provide you with an introduction to advocacy for those with a clear interest in supporting others through advocacy. This course will also build upon an understanding of advocacy for those who already use advocacy skills in their life or work. Students will acquire knowledge, skills, and understanding which will help them to practice principled advocacy. This course is based on a philosophy of self-awareness and self-knowledge combined with a commitment to community action. With a basis of personal and social transformation, this course uses recreation-based case studies, current ethical debates, and issues in the field for students to develop a framework for advocacy. This course takes place from January to April.

RECR2395: Recreation and Aging

This course highlights the benefits that older people derive from participating in recreation and culture and the risks of not staying physically and mentally active and socially connected. Throughout the course, students are presented with a combination of scholarly research and experiential learning opportunities, including guest speakers, field trips to community-based organizations, and case studies. Included in this course is BCRPA – High Five Principles of Healthy Aging certification. This course takes place from January to April.

Registering for Courses

Prospective students will need to apply to Langara College and the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program ( Applications should be submitted well in advance of the start of the semester (prior to 15 August for Fall semester, prior to 10 December for Spring Semester)