2020 Testimonials:

Working in the field of recreation has impacted both my life and career by understanding the importance of what recreation can do for people. Having gone through the Langara Recreation Studies program, it has helped me grow as a leader both personally and professionally. For me, I believe in living life to the fullest while being focused on passion, laughter, and teamwork every day while bringing people together to strengthen the community. I believe that children and youth need to remain active through sport and have role models to look up to and I make sure that children and youth are reaching their full potential and help create opportunities for them to strive to be the best they can be. Working in the field of recreation is both exciting and challenging. We have the opportunity to impact people’s lives for the better- and it is something that I look forward to every day. Without having gone through the program, I would not be in the position of where I am today to make this happen.
The Recreation Studies program provides students the experiences (both practical and non-practical) needed to work in the rec field so that they are able to jump right in and work in the field of recreation by bringing people that are passionate about what they do to help others experience High-Quality Recreation programs.
The Rec program not only has helped me advance within the field of recreation but has allowed me to take on more challenging and difficult roles within recreation. The Recreation Studies program is crucial for anyone who is interested in a career in recreation.
- Alex Ngai, 2017 Graduate

By far, I have found that the students from the recreation programs at Langara have the strongest presence in municipal recreation departments. It is truly amazing how wide the program’s reach has been. Due to that presence, and the ongoing and diligent efforts of the faculty to ensure the curriculum keeps up with the needs of the recreation sector, students leaving this program have an extremely positive influence on the sector, and our workplaces.
- Chris Siddaway, 1997 Alumni and Community Partnerships and Policies Manager at City of Coquitlam

My time at Langara College has been an immense success, which has seen me advance in numerous positions and I look forward to where my career takes me as a professional and Langara Alum.
- Dylan Myers, 2020 Graduate

Recreation is something so much bigger than any individual. It is a community that builds upon itself with the support of others, and this is why people thrive through recreating and doing what they love. Being a part of the 50th graduating class is an honor because it is a legacy year.
The 50th year marks how far the recreation program has come, and all of us as graduating students represent that growth, development, and evolution. Being a part of this experience is a way to show our commitment and dedication to helping others reach their potential and to be part of a community that is so much bigger. We feel grateful to be a part of this year. Many graduates are performing great work in the community to help people thrive, and this program gives graduates the tools to do just that, thrive.
Recreation is so vast in what it encompasses, but this program allows for connectivity among alumni no matter what type of recreation they pursued post-graduation.
We are very grateful to be a member of the 50th graduating class and an amazing community. Congratulations to all the grads - Cheers to 50 more Langara!
- 2020 Diploma Leadership Graduating Class

Check out the video interview with our grads below:

Alex Ngai (2017)
Team Leader of Administration

Chanelle Gunderson (2017)
Recreation Assistant
The Waterford

Jennifer Chohan (2017)
Athletes Program Assistant
Field Hockey BC

Mawi Bagon (2017)
Recreation Programmer
Britannia Community Centre

Tanya Rankin (2017)
Fine Arts Coordinator
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Heather Nivison (2017)
Programs Manager
Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club

Chris Siddaway (2017)
Coordinator of Plans, Policies, Partnerships
City of Coquitlam

Blair Newstead (2012)
Community Facility Coordinator
Thompson Community Centre

Courtney Cohen (2012)
Recreation Counselor
Richmond Society for Community Living

Tiffany Velios (2012)
Event Coordinator
Langley Events Centre

Karen Lepine-McFeeters (2011)
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker
Bayview Elementary School

Ellen Dacamara (2011)
Recreation Facility Clerk
Kitsilano Community Centre

Trey Melton (2011)
Recreation Assistant
Waterford Senior Centre

Andrew Lee (2010)
Instructional Assistant
Langara College 

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