To be the leading academic and experiential learning program in British Columbia for students seeking education in the field of Community Recreation and Culture.


Our mission is to provide outstanding education to students so that graduates are able to make meaningful contributions to the field of recreation. To this end, the Recreation department works closely with our students, taking a keen interest in their progress during and after their studies at Langara.


Inclusion | Accessibility | Innovation | Excellence | Community | Connection | Education | Leadership

What We Do:

Recreation Leadership Diploma:

  Introduces students to the culture and principles of community recreation and provides the skills, knowledge and leadership experiences required to be professionals in the Recreation Field. Students are provided with the choice of full or part-time face-to-face courses; experiential learning opportunities including the Outboard bound field school and a 14-week Internship in a recreation facility.

Bachelor of Recreation Management Completion Degree:

Provides students with a deeper understanding of community recreation, with a focus on business and management theory to build and enhance their knowledge and skillset in order to advance in their Recreation careers.  The BRM offers students a flexible study option of full or part-time within an innovative online environment and the option for Co-op work experience designation.

What we are known for:

  • Creative and knowledgeable faculty: strong teamwork, diverse expertise, approachable and caring.
  • Student-centred focus: One-on-one support and mentorship, accessible ways of learning through experiential opportunities, and few barriers to application and education. 
  • Progressive Curriculum: Cutting-edge approaches, unique and diverse, intertwined with industry
  • Connection to Industry: Long-standing connections, mutually beneficial relationships, faculty and student research contributions.

Who We Are:

The Leadership Team

 Consists of a Department Chair, BRM Coordinator and Recreation Leadership Diploma Coordinator who support and lead the department with a shared vision to provide a high-quality educational experience within the programs offered by the Department. 

The Faculty Team in the Recreation Department

Provides innovative, current, engaging recreation courses to students in the Recreation Diploma and Degree programs.  They are connected to the recreation field and create opportunities for continued professional development within the field.  Each member is passionate about recreation education and aim to be role models in wellness and recreation.


In summary:

We Build Community

  • With one another, our faculty model community
  • We care about our students and alumni
  • We connect our students to industry and vice versa

We are Leaders

  • In curriculum (COIL-VE, decolonizing practises, experiential learning)
  • In industry (applied research projects, presenting at conferences, developing industry leaders)

We are Unique

  • We have a unique cross-section, with a focus and expertise on leisure, recreation, tourism and sport
  • We provide the ability for choice in learning (accessibility)
  • We cater to an array of learners, including industry professionals and high school students

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