The Recreation Studies Department are always on the move to stay connected to what we teach and believe in through conferences, summits, workshops, applied research, etc. In addition, we meet with our advisory board committee to better prepare our students to meet the needs of the field today.


Our mission is to provide outstanding education to students so that graduates are able to make meaningful contributions to the field of recreation. To this end, the Recreation department works closely with our students, taking a keen interest in their progress during and after their studies at Langara.

The Faculty

The faculty takes pride in keeping themselves current in the field and community. We are active members, taking part in various organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, the BC Recreation and Parks Association, and the Recreation Facilities Association of BC.

Community Partners

The Recreation department recognizes and thanks our many community partners who have supported us throughout the years. These include a wide variety of municipal, private clubs, commercial and not-for-profit etc., recreation agencies.