Emma Courtney Photo

Emma has been working in the recreation and tourism industry since 2011 in a variety of unique roles; everything from zip-line guiding to horse-drawn carriage driving. Most recently, she worked as an Outreach Educator for BC AdventureSmart, educating youth and adults in search and rescue prevention through safety and preparedness in the outdoors. Emma remains active in the search and rescue community, sitting on the marketing board for the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association, along with volunteering as an AdventureSmart Presenter.

Her area of expertise lies in outdoor recreation and tourism. She is a graduate of the Outdoor Recreation Management Program at Capilano University. She is certified in Essential Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche Safety Training Level One, and SSI Advanced Open Water Diving. Emma is currently pursuing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate through Langara College.

Connectivity and wellness are Emma’s primary passion to inspire others to pursue careers in the recreation industry. She believes facilitating spaces that encourage individuals to evolve through connecting to self, others and nature is integral to building strong communities and a more wholesome society. Inclusivity and accessibility also play an important role in recreation for her, and she finds it an honor to contribute to an industry that breaks down barriers of age, ethnicity, socio-economic standing, and many more. She believes that it is through recreation we can cultivate a kinder, more understanding culture to gift to future generations.

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Phone: 604.323.5758