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Stephen Phillips

Terri Evans Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5834
Office: B247a

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Ramjee Parajulee Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5836
Office: B247k

Stephen Phillips Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5828
Office: B247g

Stephen Phillips has taught political science at Langara College since 1994. He earned his Ph.D. from UBC in 1999, specializing in Canadian politics and public policy. His dissertation was entitled "The Demise of Universality: The Politics of Federal Income Security in Canada, 1978-1993." Earlier he studied political science and law at the University of Alberta. His publications include textbook chapters on constitutions and political parties of  British Columbia. He contributed two chapters on BC politics to the Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs, published by University of Toronto Press.

Paul Prosperi Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5681
Office: B247i

Paul Prosperi obtained his PhD. from the Université de Montréal in 2006, and holds a B.A. (McGill), and an M.A. (Ottawa) in Political Science. He joined the department in 2000.

Paul regularly teaches courses in Canadian and Comparative politics (Western liberal democracies), along with Introduction to Political Science. His research interests include multiculturalism and integration, citizenship, minority nationalism, and social movements. He is currently developing a course on radical social movements and far-right political parties in Europe.

Lealle Ruhl Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5392
Office: B247l

In addition to her teaching duties in Political Science, Lealle Ruhl is also the Coordinator of Peace and Conflict Studies.

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