HLPS engages with the local community through organising and participating in public lecture series. Recent series have been held at the Dunbar Community Centre and Brock House, and faculty members have also given various lectures at other venues in the community. We also periodically invite external speakers to give lectures at Langara.

Two examples of these activities may be found in the "Lecture Series" tab menu.

For more details, please contact the department chair, Niall Christie: nchristie@langara.ca | 604.323.5832

The Community Lecture Series is back for 2024!

This year our speakers are exploring the topic Send in the Clowns.


Come see us at the Dunbar Community Centre.


The 2024 Langara Community Lecture Series is organized by Jennifer Knapp: jknapp@langara.ca and Lealle Ruhl: lruhl@langara.ca.  If you have questions about these series or are interested in partnering with us in future years, please contact us.