The Langara Student Journal of History and Political Science (HiPo) is an academic journal written, edited, and published annually online by students. Submissions are welcome from Langara students on topics relating to all aspects of History (including Classical Studies and Art History) and Political Science; see our current submission guidelines for more details.


Submission deadline for the 2024 issue is coming up fast!

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Jan 2024: Deadline for submissions coming soon!


Make sure to submit your paper(s) by 3pm Friday, Jan 26 2024 to be considered for this year's volume.

Review our submission guidelines and deadlines.

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Nov 2023: Announcing our editorial team and call for papers 


Check out our editorial board to see who is working on this year's issue.

Do you have a paper that achieved a B+ or higher grade?  If it was submitted to a Langara class (subject related to History, Political Science, Classical Studies, Art History) in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2023, consider submitting it to us for publication!  Submissions must be received by 3pm Friday, Jan 26 2024.  See our updated submission guidelines and deadlines.

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Oct 2023: Calling all students interested in editing and publishing!! 


HiPo (The Langara Student Journal of History and Political Science) is looking for editors for the March 2024 issue. Each year the journal publishes a number of essays, written and edited by students, on topics relating to all aspects of History, Political Science, Classical Studies and Art History.

As an editor, you will be involved in every step of the process, you will have access to fun workshops with publishing experts, and there will be no shortage of opportunities to develop practical skills while working with your fellow editors to produce this year’s volume.

If you are interested in joining the team, send an email to Sean Maschmann ( with ‘HiPo’ in the subject line. 

April 2023: Volume 6 is published!


We are excited to announce that the 2023 volume is now available online.  Thank you to all the editors and authors for their hard work and dedication.  The Department of History, Latin, and Political Science is very proud of our talented students.  For print copies, please contact Michael Fulton (



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