Sexual Respect Ambassadors
If a student or fellow employee comes up to you and discloses they have experienced some form of sexual violence, do you know what to do?

Langara developed the Sexual Respect Ambassador Program in 2017 in order to encourage conversations about consent, to foster a safe space for disclosures, and share information about the resources available to those who have experienced sexualized violence. The Sexual Respect Ambassador program is a College-wide program, supported by the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, People and Culture, and the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee. 

This team plays a leading role in supporting culture change at Langara College and fostering an understanding of the importance of sexual violence and misconduct prevention. We would like to encourage all members of the College Community to join as a Sexual Respect Ambassador so that we may help to build a safer campus community. You can join by contact the Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Office at 

Employee Sexual Respect Ambassador Program
We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the College community to join the Sexual Respect Ambassador program. Ambassadors act as “go-to” resources within their departments. Ambassadors receive training in Langara Policy and the Law; Sexual Harassment from a Human Rights Perspective; Responding to Disclosures; Understanding Consent; Making Referrals; and Bystander Intervention.

By recruiting and training faculty and staff across campus for this program, the goal is to engage the broader community in this topic and to utilize existing relationships and connections to help foster a safer and caring campus community.

Details on the responsibilities, time commitment, and benefits for Ambassadors can be found HERE

Pilot Student Sexual Respect Ambassador Program 
We are currently looking for student volunteers for our pilot Student Sexual Respect Ambassador Program. Sign up as a Sexual Respect Ambassador and become an advocate for a healthier and safer campus community. All current Langara students in full-time or part-time studies are eligible to join. Students are encouraged to complete the program in their own time, with workshops being offered every semester.  

To apply for the pilot Student Sexual Respect Ambassador Program, contact

List of Current Ambassadors

See below for a list of current employee Sexual Respect Ambassadors.

Name Email

Alana Olson
CS Leap Instructor, Continuing Studies 
Alexandra Capistrano
International Student Coordinator, International Education
Ana Gupta
Instructor, Business Management and International Business
Andrea Biason
Supervisor, Information Services, Registrar and Enrollment Services
Azaia Windwraith
Advisor, Registrar and Enrollment Services
Brenda Marson
Academic Manager, Continuing Studies
Catherine Huth 
Instructor, Criminal Justice
Chantal Faucher
Instructor, Criminal Justice
Charlotte Sander
Communications Officer, Communications & Marketing
Claudia Chan
Department Services Assistant, Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs
Crystal Byun
Instructional Assistant, Pyschology
Dae Backus
Program Coordinator, Continuing Studies
Daryl Smith
Director, Internationalization
Deborah Schratter
Communications Officers, Communications & Marketing
Denise Busayong
Administrative Coordinator, Student Services
Diana Falcon
Executive Assistant, Board of Governors
Executive Assistant, Office of the VP, Admin and Finance
Erica Yagi
Supervisor, Registrar and Enrollment Services
Erin Hagen
Student Conduct Officer, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
Felipe Moreira
International Student Coordinator, International Education
Harkit Dhillon
Academic Manager, Continuing Studies
Jagjeet Gill
Accomodation Assistant, Accessibility Services
Jake McCallum 
Director, Athletics & Intramurals
Jason Currier
Assistant, CS Registrar and Enrollment Services
Jennifer Brown
Library Assistant, Library Services
Jennifer Knapp 
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Paige
Manager, International Student Services, International Education
Katie McCallum
Development Officer, Langara College Foundation 
Kimberly Nowitsky
CS Leap Instructor, Continuing Studies 
Lais Fernandes Rodrigues da Cruz
Virtual Community Support, Student Engagement 
Lara Griner
Development Officer, Faculty of Management
Laurie Lowes
Instructor, Criminal Justice
Lealle Ruhl
Coordinator/Instructor, Peace & Conflict Studies
Maggie Ross
Director, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
Maggie Stewart
Volunteer Program Coordinator, Student Engagement
Makiko Yao
Medical Office Assistant, Student Health Services
Meaghan Rafferty
Library Technician, Library Services
Melissa Roberts
Department Chair, Criminal Justice
Michelle Carter
Operations and Adminstrative Manager, Student Services
Mike Smith-Cairns
Instructor, Geography 
Mono Brown
Instructor, English
Moses Lam
CS LEAP Instructor, Continuing Studies 
Niall Christie
Instructor, History & Latin
Pak Ka Liu
Program Coordinator, Continuing Studies
Patricia Wong
Human Resources Consultant, People and Culture

Peter So
Instructional Assistant, Indigenous Education and Services 
Peter Vysek
Instructor, Design Formation

Ramon Rodrigo 

Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Academic Core Team 

Department Assistant, Student Engagement 
Sara McIntyre
Instructor, Professional Photo Imaging 
Sarah Bell
Counsellor, Counselling
Shahin Virji
Development Officer, Langara Foundation
Shelley-Anne Vidal
Instructor, Co-op and Career Development
Shyanne Boudreau
Manager, Indigenous Education and Services
Stephanie Koonar
Instructor, Marketing Management
Susan Sverdrup-Phillips
Instructor, Sociology 
Tanya Miller
Mental Health Initiatives Consultant, Student Services
Tess Khan
Department Services Assistant, Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs
Tiffany Johnstone
Instructor, English
Yukino Obara
Financial Aid Advisor, Registrar and Enrollment Services