Biking & Bike Facilities

Cycling to Langara is convenient, along the nearby 37th Avenue Bikeway (Ridgeway Greenway) or the Ontario Bikeway, part of the extensive Vancouver bike routes. We are proud participants of the bi-yearly Bike to Work Week, organized by HUB Cycling. Langara supports cycling as an alternative mode of transportation, and have a range of amenities for all students and employees to make cycling to and from Langara easy and accessible.

  • Parking and storage: we have bicycle racks located around campus (both sheltered and non-sheltered), as well as separate locked bicycle parking cage with lockers for employees and students. For access to secure bike cages, students may purchase an annual access card at the Bookstore for a $5.00 one-time fee. Employees may access the employee side facilities with their KGM4 common key. Forgot your bike lock? Contact Security.
  • We have shower facilities in three locations: the Library underground parkade, C Building basement, and the Gym. 
  • Tools and repair: We have a Dero Fix-It Station (with screwdrivers, wrenches, Allen keys, and tire levers) as well as a compressed air hose located by the bicycle cage in P1 of the Library underground parkade. There is also a bicycle repair shop in the LSU, and a second compressed air hose located near the bicycle repair shop entrance.

Short-term bike rentals are available from from the city-wide Mobi bike company. The closest Mobi bike station is located at Ontario and 30th Avenue. Please see their website and the promotional flyer with discount code for details. 

Bus Transportation and U-Pass BC

Langara is easily accessible by transit. Bus stops are conveniently located adjacent to the campus on 49th Avenue at Manitoba Street (north side and south side) and Ontario Street (north side). Buses are also available at the intersection of 49th Avenue and Main Street or Cambie Street.

Langara College participates in the U-Pass BC Program, providing students with unlimited all zone access to TransLink bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus services throughout the Metro Vancouver area and discounts on the West Coast Express. Learn more.


Langara encourages students and employees to carpool which is great for both the environment and the bank account. If you regularly drive with one or more passenger(s) to Langara, you can apply for a carpool decal from Facilities which allows to you use dedicated carpool spots that are reserved daily until 10:00AM. For more information, please visit the Facilities Department in the M1 portable.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional car ownership that may be the perfect fit for individuals who rely on alternative transportation but still want to have occasional access to a vehicle.  By joining a car sharing program, you can avoid many of the costs associated with owning and maintaining your own vehicle and only pay as much as you use.

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