Important note: There have been some changes to the parking pass application process as a result of our transition to Workday effective Jan 6, 2020. Please review the instructions below.

If you are an active Langara employee and eligible for benefits, you can request a parking pass from Facilities Department which allows you to park in any regular unmarked stall in the general surface and underground lots.

The college utilizes a license plate recognition parking system, so rather than displaying a parking decal, your license plate will be registered into the patrol system.

To get a parking pass:

  1. Log into Workday to view or change your parking status. You can access Workday training and support for help
  2. Provide your name, Langara ID number, and license plate number in an email to
  3. Once processed, you will receive an email confirmation that your pass is active (pay parking remains in effect until then)

To cancel a parking pass:

  1. Log into Workday to view or change your parking status. You can access Workday training and support for help
  2. Your pass will automatically be deactivated at the end of the current month

Taxable Benefit

Employee parking passes are a taxable benefit and all employees who choose to have one will be automatically assessed a taxable benefit amount by payroll for each month the pass is active. You can view this in Workday under Benefits > View > Benefit Elections where it will be listed as “Employer Contribution (monthly)”.

For more information regarding parking as a taxable benefit, please see the FAQs on the People & Culture SharePoint site.

Contractor Passes
If Langara is your place of work but you are not employed by the College or otherwise not eligible for benefits, you may still qualify to purchase a discounted Contractor Parking Pass. Please visit the Facilities Trailer to fill out an application form. This pass is issued at the discretion of the Facilities Department.

Preferred Lot
The Employee Preferred Lot is a small reserved lot located on the northeast corner of the campus. Permanent employees may choose to purchase an annual yellow decal to park here in lieu of using the general lot. Available spaces are limited. Please contact for details.


Who is eligible for a parking pass?
To be eligible for an employee parking pass you need to be a current Langara employee who is eligible for benefits with the college. The length of your parking pass will be tied to the duration of your contract.

I am driving a different vehicle or a courtesy car. How can I change my license plate?
The system we use allows you to login and update your license plate yourself. The account login page is here: and your login info would have been included in your confirmation email. Please contact to have this information re-sent.

Alternatively, you can email us the information or visit the Facilities Trailer in person and our staff can make the change for you given enough notice in advance.

How can I change my password for the account login?
Send an email to with your preferred 4-digit password.

Where can I park with this parking pass?
The employee parking pass issued through license plate registration is valid in the general lots which include the underground parkade and the west and southeast student lots. The yellow decal for the Preferred Lot is valid in the northeast preferred lot accessed off Ontario Street. The two are not interchangeable.

Do I need to renew my pass at the end of the year/semester?
If you have a pass as a permanent employee, then you do not need to renew as the pass will carry over indefinitely until you choose to cancel or otherwise become ineligible. If you are issued a pass as a contract employee, then the pass will automatically expire at the end of your contract(s). If time has elapsed between contracts, please log into Workday to ensure your parking benefit status is reflected correctly.

I have two vehicles that I routinely drive to work. Is there a way to add a secondary plate?
Yes. You will need to provide proof of ownership of both vehicles. Send an email to for details.