If you are parked in a stall without parking time purchased, and have not displayed a valid permit, you will receive a violation ticket of $65.00 from Imperial Parking. If you do not pay the violation within seven (7) working days, it will increase to $85.00. After three violations, your vehicle may be towed or Imperial Parking will employ a collection agency to collect any outstanding amount.

Towing is immediate and without notice.

  • If your car has been towed from a Langara parking lot, pick-up is at: Drake Towing 604.251.3344
  • If your car has been towed from a City street, pick-up is at: Buster's Towing 604.685.7246
  • If you leave your vehicle in a restricted parking area, "No Parking" area, in a fire lane, or without a valid SPARC tag in a disabled space: Drake Towing 604.251.3344