Langara has numerous level 2 electric vehicle charging stations on campus as part of the Plug in BC Program with support from the province of British Columbia and the Fraser Basin Council. A level 2 charging station uses a dedicated 240 volt AC circuit and typically fully recharges the battery of a 100% electric vehicle in 6-8 hours or the battery of a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle in 3-4 hours. The two stations located on campus are open to both the college community and the general public and can provide a top-up to extend your range while you are in class or in the neighbourhood.

Where are the charging stations?

There are currently over one dozen charging stations on campus. Locations:

  • Top floor (P1) of the library underground parkade. The underground parkade is accessible from the south end of the library building, and the charging stations are to the left as you enter.
  • Across from T Building on the west side of campus.

The designated stalls are painted with a green EV Charging Station decal and are reserved for electric vehicles only. Please follow the traffic arrows to safely navigate the parkade.

Is there a cost to use the stations?

Pay parking is in effect for all stalls including the designated charging stalls, but there is no additional cost to use the charging station equipment. Enter your stall number at any of the pay stations to pay for parking.  Pay parking rate is $3.50 per four (4) hours.

How do I use the charging equipment?

The charging stations installed are ChargePoint™ terminals, and as a safety feature, need to be activated before use. You can activate the station by tapping a ChargePoint ChargePass™ card or any contactless (wireless symbol) credit card or NFC-enabled phone with the ChargePoint app, or by calling the 800 number shown on the front of the station. Once the machine has been activated, press the handle button to remove the connector and plug it into your EV. The station will indicate charging status.

Where can I find other charging stations in the area?

Please visit the PlugShare and ChargePoint websites for a map of the charging station network.

Can I charge my electric bicycle or scooter?

Electric bicycles and scooters can be charged using the level 1 (120 volts) charging outlets located elsewhere on campus. Charging outlets are found inside the secured bicycle cage which requires key access, or at the bicycle racks north of Building A near the security office.